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Fan Art and Trades and Stuff

- (By Styx70) - Now take a gander at this neato torpedo picture! Stx70 had an amusing take on Ilemauzer during her time in hell. She looks appropriately haggard here, don't you think?

- (By Firefox) - Firefox really loves to draw Kitty. And who can blame him? I like drawing her quite a bit yself... that's probably why you see her showing up in so many of my comics. Anyway, be warned that this picture is NSFW, due to prominently displayed vagina! Bewaaaaaaare.

- (By Bearsculptor) - This was a real surprize! My good friend Bearsculptor actually made a church Cat statuette for my birthday! How cool is that? I love that he actually took the time and trouble to get the ears and eyes mismatched just like I draw! At least, he told me he did that on pupose. I suppose it could be an accident and he's just passing it off as purposeful, but in either case it certainly works! This is really awesome!

- (By Cngsoft) - I don't see pics of these guys too often. Cngsoft drew this great picture of the the Wankingshire Puddlesluts. As you can see, Theresa is even bigger than usual here. I love the use of colors here.

- (By Firefox) - Firefox sent me this very hot picture of Kitty Scratch. I say hot, because she is both fat and naked in it and those are two things that I do so enjoy. So, yeah, NSFW!

- (By Kaiven) - My friend Kaiven doodled these awesome doodles of Ilemauzer and Kitty! I'm quite madly pleased with them -- Ilemauzer's face is so cute here, such a delightful look of vague dread! I also think Kitty looks quite hot here. Kaiven is really good at drawing hot chubby chicks. I wish she'd draw them more often, but anything she draws is just amazing!

- (By SummerJackal) - I won this in a meme, but fuck that, I'm going to say it's fanart, cuz that's just how I roll! SummerJackal does really amazing work that always has an ethereal, Victorian feel to it. She also does really nifty comics that blend horror and romance in the most delightful way!

- (By Wings of Judas) - Another prize pic! I really like the way Rat Jew came out here - he looks like a real rat but you can still see his crotchety personality shining through! Sweet!

- (By Lusopakak) Lusopakak's doodles are always so simple yet so evocative. Here, his character Cosmin gives Rat Jew a high five. The Star of David is a nice touch!

- (By Turkish Delight) Another Turkish DELIGHTFUL pic of Buttorwort..or Beelzebunny, take your pic! The other characters pictured don't belong to me, but rather Salamancisreptile, Soundhound and Dirtybaka, who are also very good artists in their own right. You should probably google them!

- (By Turkish Delight) Generalisimo Chlamydia Buttorwort III, esq. threatens Turkish Delight's TD and Molly with rape upon their entry into the country of Fucktopia. Technically, this is fanart for a defunct comic that I don't think will ever see the light of day again, but since Butterwort is basically the same character as Beelzebunny in Church Cat, I think I'll declare that this is really fan art of Beelzebunny and post it here. Oh, and it's not exactly safe for work, if you don't like seenig penises.

- (By Nuclear Mime) I never thought anyone would draw this character! This is a very cute pic with a certain retro 1930s vibe to it. Neat!

- (By Sonderjen) Sonderjen is one of the artists whose skills fill me with insane jealousy, so much so that I have to sit and sulk and demand that other people shower me with praise and tell me that I'm also good and that I totally don't need to improve and that everything that's wrong with my art is really just a stylistic choice. But, anyway, about the pic: This was the first time anyone else drew Rat Jew and I'm frightfully pleased with Sonderjen's take on the character. He managed to not make him look like an anti-semitic caricature and that's not easy to do! Oh, bonus points for a sexual double entendre involving Christian eschatology.

- (By Sonderjen) Another great pic by Sonderjen that answers the age old question of what various cartoon characters' skeletal systems look like! Most of these are Sonderjen's own characters, except for Rocko, whom I believe is of Rocko's Modern Life fame, but you'll also notice Church Cat and Rat Jew making appearances.

- (By D6016) What does Church Cat see that has him so frightened? Perhaps he's been contemplating his own mortality and the problem of evil? I love the expression here, as well as that stiff-with-terror tail. Very funny!

- (By Seren Tremio) This is a different take on Church Cat, going for a slightly more realistic rather than cutesy look. I was skeptical at first, but I really dig this unorthodox pic. Be warned before you click - it's not exactly safe for work, since it also features an enormous penis for some reason. I assume it must be the rod of God. Haha, I made a rhyme!

- (By Technicolor Pie) Technicolor Pie's rendition of Church Cat is especially nice because that prayer is exactly something he would say. Pie's pictures are always so vibrant and alive. I love this pic to death!

- (By Shmorky) Receiving this picture from the elusive and inimitatable Shmorky was a real shock! Did I say shock? I mean honor! I've always admired Shmorky's very iconic style, so it's a real treat to see his take on Church Cat.

- (By Mad Marx) This is a great pic that really brings out bot hthe cute and the grotesque in these characters. I really love Shelby's expression here; Mad Marx really captured her personality!

- (By S.Sakurai) Technically, this is a commission, but, what the hell, I'll count it as fanart cuz I wanna. As I've said before I'm a huge fan of S's work, so I don't think there's much more I could say in praise of this. I will say that this was the pic that made me realize that Shelby really should wear a pink sweatshirt. In retrospect, it was just so obvious!

- (By Daniel B. Willingham) - You want to see a pic of some crazy shit that will turn you white? Something that will break your brain? Why, then there's no one better than Stinkyfigwiddle. This guy can craft the most amazing, disturbing nightmare creatures I've ever seen - as well as some nifty comics! Check out this brilliant rendition of the Horror!

- (By S.Sakurai) - S. Sakurai sent me this absolutely delicious picture of Kitty Scratch after she eats a large meal, consisting of some sort of meat with bones in it. Which doesn't really narrow hings down that much, I guess. Kitty's also more fully-clothed than usual, but I absolutely adore this pic - the post-gorge expression on her face just makes me melt. So cute!

- (By Dave Hyena) Another trade, but, oh, how I love it. It's Ilemauzer and Prince George IV, all done up as an actual circa 1700s political cartoon! In actual watercolors! This is so awesome that it almost makes me want to start a colonists' rebellion, after which I would patrol the land on a horse made of crystal and fuck the shit out of bears.

- (By Turkish Delight) This was actually part of a trade, but I'm going to post it here because it is 31 flavors of AWESOME. Turkish Delight is an amazing artist who draws the most slashtastic 'League of Gentlemen' art you'll ever see. So go see it.

- (By Kritter) I won this in a contest where you try and guess what songs different lyrics come from. I got three right! Anyway, it's Ilemauzer as she appears in Fantastical Bestiary! Huzzah, as the kids say!

-(By Brentos) - Woot! I just love this one, an awesomely nifty Halloween scene from Brentos. It's cute and just a tad creepy at the same time. Here we see Ilemauzer, in her humanoid demonic bat form, perched atop a church steeple. Brentos has drawn Ilemauzer as she appears in "The Fantastical Bestiary," although the lynch mob seen below in the churchyard comes from "Witchprickers." So it brings the whole thing full circle.

-(By Daveykins Foxfire) - I've never commissioned anyone before this, but this was sooooo worth it. Yes, it's a genuine Gonterpic of Hesper and Tiffany by the one and only Daveykins "Foxfire" Gonterman. I love the expression on Hesper's face here!

-(By Brentos) - Here's someone who doesn't usually get much love: Ilemauzer. Looks like that lack of love is getting to her; she seems to have been hitting the bottle lately! Another wonderful pic by that guy that we haven't seen nearly enough of lately, Brentos!

- ( By S.Sakurai) It seems like everytime I get an awesome piece of art and post something to the effect of "Hey, people, you can stop drawing because nothing will top this," someone comes along and proves me wrong. For example, this marvelous little pic of Kitty Scratch as she appears in Witchprickers. Yes, that's right, it's art by S.Sakurai, the person who brought you Muertitos and Flying Suit Reiko. I'm really a huge fan of S's work, so needless to say I was all aflitter to see this! Why are you wasting time here? Go look at that site now! Oh, and here's the black and white version, too, because it's just too darling.

(By The Odd One) - This actually has nothing to do with the comic, but I just had to post it. This is an awesome birthday present pic sketched up for me by the incomparable Odd One. See, it's a guy destroying a furry convention. Because, as everyone knows, I am a notorious furry hater. Or, as the kids say, H8er. See, that's called leet speak. Or, as the kids call it, L33T speak. Word to your mother.

- ( By Dragonfly) This is kind of cheating but what the hell. Dragonfly drew this bitchin' character sketch of Rudolph the monkey pirate soon to have his own cartoon series on the telly. We hope. Keep your fingers crossed. But, hey, since Rudolph also appears here in the comic, shouldn't I be allowed to post this here, too? Also includes nifty sketches of the cowboy mermaid and robot pirate characters, too.

- ( By Eliza the Artist) A neato keeno pic of Wilhelm, Hesper, and Rudolph bowling of all things! It's the EXXXXXTREME!

- (By Moodyferret) Yaaaaay! Another splenderitastical picture by Moodyferret. I like the way Rudolph looks, all serious. And Nestor's all stoned. Is nifty!

- (By Edgyspice) The most awesome-est picture ever by my good friend Edgyspice! Really, I've got some wonderful awesome art in the past but this takes the cake. If I never get another piece of fan art ever, I'll still die happy after this. Check out that neato torpedo carpet!!!!

- (By Moodyferret) WARNING!!! Adult content! Yes, it's everyone's favorite totally nonsexual girl sexualized. Dude! She's purdy.

- (By Rhapsodicirony) Dude, it's our first ever "Pogo" fanart! Ever wondered what that red button on Floyd's pogo does? Why, it summons that lunchmeat-car-eating machine Rush Limbaugh!

- (By Shannon Traska of Jackie's Fridge and JoBeth) I should probably mention that this computer generated bit of Fan Art is absolutely amazing! Shannon's even got the big head thing right!

- (By Jason Brazeal of Biblebot) Isn't it just the cutest thing you've ever seen? I want to eat him up!

- (By Moodyferret)

I love the way Nestor looks in this pic. He reminds me of one of those little crabs that scuttle around butt first and bury themselves in the sand! I have no idea why, but he just does. I love it!

- (By Adam Prosser of Night Shift) Adam really captured the spirit of the strip in this awesome pic. I especially like the way Mikey came out here!

- (By Teresa Henchar of Horseshoes and Handgrenades)

This is a great crossover pic with Horseshoes and handgrenades. Teresa's way better at writing pseudo artsy dialogue than I am. I should get her to write the comic!

- (By Mokie of God Eat God) Mokie did an excellent job with Hesper's expression there! It's spot on, baby!

- (By Moodyferret) A pic of Hesper with Moodyferret's kitsune character Nariko

- (By Ninjafox) Hesper in fox form. Grooviness! Gotta love those enormous eyeballs.

- (By Edgyspice) Not actually fan art, I suppose, but my good friend Edgyspice gave me this in exchange for a caricature of the Who. I think it's safe to say who came out with the long end of the stick. (Answer: ME.)

- (By Honey Cuddles) Love that pissy look there. Hesper at her finest.

- (By Honey Cuddles) You don't see many pics of this character, but, when you do, you know that they're quality. Yay!

- (By Kitsune25) Moodyferret decided that she didn't like the normal band pictured on Tiffany's shirt, so she remedied the situation.

- (By Moodyferret) Melvin and Lapsus, two characters that appeared in the very original incarnation of The Fantastical Bestiary, were based, sorta, on Moodyferret and myself, so Moody drew this pic of them together! Isn't it disgustingly cute?

- (By Honey Cuddles) Honeycuddles captures the essence of everyone's favorite capitalist swine Howard in this pic! Together with a couple new characters..

- (By Honey Cuddles) Syrynth, a character created by Honeycuddles, who appears in "Familiars" and Witchprickers. See it!

- (By Honey Cuddles) Syrynth demonstrates her flying technique! I have no idea how she's doing it, but it looks like fun!

Bestiary Contributions

-(By Brentos) I can't say enough good things about Brentos. I love his cartoony style, and this is just about the cutest guardian an underworld could have!

-(By Brentos) I love that spiked helmet! It's awesomeness!

-(By Brentos) If I wasn't totally committed to my wonderful significant other Moodyferret, I would totally want to marry this girl. Oh, and also she would have to be real, not just a picture.

Guest Strips, Cameos and Cross-Overs

- (by Chappy of The Life and Times of Mr.Bubbles )

- (By Angelo Maceri of Fuzzball Saga and Kane Lynch of Glick Glidewell)

-(By Angelo Maceri of Fuzzball Saga and Kane Lynch of Glick Glidewell)

-(By Angelo Maceri of Fuzzball Saga and Kane Lynch of Glick Glidewell)

-(By Angelo Maceri of Fuzzball Saga and Kane Lynch of Glick Glidewell)

-(By Angelo Maceri of Fuzzball Saga and Kane Lynch of Glick Glidewell)

-(By Angelo Maceri of Fuzzball Saga and Kane Lynch of Glick Glidewell)

-(By Angelo Maceri of Fuzzball Saga and Kane Lynch of Glick Glidewell)

-(By Angelo Maceri of Fuzzball Saga and Kane Lynch of Glick Glidewell)

-(By DMK of Waterguy)

-(By DMK of Waterguy)

-(By DMK of Waterguy)

-(By Theresa Henchar of Horseshoes and Handgrenades)

-(By Theresa Henchar of Horseshoes and Handgrenades)

-(By Bill Duncan of Dunk Tank)

-(By Bill Duncan of Dunk Tank)

-(By Adam Prosser of Night Shift) Adam's brilliance really does know no bounds, as he demonstrates once again with an April Fool's day strip that's funnier than anything I've thought up in my entire cartoonistic career. Seriously!

-(By James Olson of Square and Rhomboid) Hey, I know that face! And you should, too. This is too nifty.

-(By James Olson of Square and Rhomboid) Subtle reference, no? You might have missed it, but, yes, this refers to the Fantastical Bestiary. Ees good.

Cross-Over with Fuzzball Saga - (By Angelo Maceri of Fuzzball Saga) See Nestor kick ass! Almost as much ass as the Masked Monk! But not quite as much, because nobody can kick as much ass as the Masked Monk.

- (By Moodyferret) Kit's brother David technically wrote this strip, but I adapted it by adding Hesper and Tiffany. And Kit illustrated it after I whined for a very, very, very long time. She didn't want to draw it, see, because she secretly hates me and wishes I were dead so that she can go stalk Elijah Wood. Now let's have some fun and see how long it takes before she notices this and gets pissed off. Shhhh! (Ha! I kid because I love!)

- (By Adam Prosser of Night Shift) Yet another cameo of extreme wonder and delight by the incomparable Adam. He is much to be admired!

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